First open-access reproducibility project reveals roadblocks to performing replication studies


Reproducibility has re-emerged at the forefront of public awareness this week, as the first five replication studies executed by the Reproducibility Project: Cancer Biology (RP:CB) have just been published in the open-access journal eLife. The project is a collaboration between Science Exchange and the Center for Open Science (COS) to independently replicate key experiments from […]

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Science Exchange will be reproducing studies for the Movember Foundation-PCF Scientific Reproducibility Initiative


We are proud to announce today that we have partnered with the Prostate Cancer Foundation (PCF), with funding from the Movember Foundation, to reproduce findings that have implications for prostate cancer patients. We will be collaborating with PCF to identify faster, high-impact biomedical findings that that can improve early detection and new cures. PCF’s Chief […]

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Can Registered Reports help diagnose a reproducibility crisis?


There has been growing concern in the scientific community over the last several years about a lack of reproducible results in the biomedical research community. Recently, two large pharmaceutical companies (Amgen and Bayer) announced that they could only reproduce a small fraction of published preclinical cancer biology studies. These results have shocked the scientific community, […]

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Reproducing the STAP Stem Cell Method

When the stimulus-triggered acquisition of pluripotency (STAP) stem cell papers were published there was tremendous excitement in the scientific community. The papers described a seemingly simple method to reprogram differentiated somatic cells into pluripotency  – a process that usually involves the addition of multiple transcription factors. The controversy around the papers comes from two separate […]

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Independent Antibody Validation to Improve Research Quality


Science Exchange partners with to independently validate commercial antibodies enabling researchers to choose high quality research reagents PALO ALTO, Calif. — Press Release — Science Exchange, in partnership with the world’s largest marketplace for antibodies, antibodies-online (, announced today the launch of a program to independently validate thousands of commercial antibodies via the Science Exchange Independent Validation […]

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The Reproducibility Initiative


Palo Alto, California – August 14, 2012 – Science Exchange, in partnership with the open-access publisher PLOS and open data repository figshare, announced today the launch of the Reproducibility Initiative ( – a new program to help scientists, institutions and funding agencies validate their critical research findings. “In the last year, problems in reproducing academic […]

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