Lab Profile: Zhiyong Wang, ADS Biosystems


  I recently talked with Zhiyong Wang Ph.D, CEO of ADS Biosystems Inc. ADS Biosystems specializes in cell-based assay development. In particular, Zhiyong applies his experience and expertise from the renowned Hunter Lab at the Salk Institute to develop assays with brown and white fat, routine human cell lines, ¬†human adult stem cells, and rodent […]

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Reproducing the STAP Stem Cell Method

When the stimulus-triggered acquisition of pluripotency (STAP) stem cell papers were published there was tremendous excitement in the scientific community. The papers described a seemingly simple method to reprogram differentiated somatic cells into pluripotency ¬†– a process that usually involves the addition of multiple transcription factors. The controversy around the papers comes from two separate […]

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