New Exposure Opportunity

Thermo Fisher Scientific has created a single channel for both R&D products and services by launching the Services Marketplace, powered by Science Exchange, available on

In early 2019, your Provider Profile and others on the Science Exchange Network will be listed on this new Services Marketplace, providing you more exposure to a wider audience.

If you wish to have your company participate in the new Services Marketplace, no actions are required from you — all terms are fully defined by your service agreement with Science Exchange.

Read below for a preview of how we expect new customers to find and engage with you through this exciting new channel:

Thermo Fisher Customers Find Your Provider Profile

Powered by Science Exchange and by the robust search functionality of, the marketplace supports both simple and complex inquiries and enables users to locate your profile by service type, technique, facility name, etc.

Requests and Orders Still Go Through Science Exchange

You will still access Science Exchange to respond to and manage inquiries from Services Marketplace users. Any actions you take on Science Exchange can be viewed by your customers on, and any actions taken by customers on will be visible to you on Science Exchange.

inbound requests

Questions or Concerns?

If you have any further questions or if you wish to not have your company participate in Thermo Fisher Services Marketplace, please contact Science Exchange by email at [email protected].

If you have comments or questions about the Services Marketplace for Thermo Fisher Scientific please contact [email protected].