EY Names Elizabeth Iorns of Science Exchange As Entrepreneur Of The Year® 2018 Award Finalist in Northern California

May 17, 2018 | Posted by Team in News |

PALO ALTO, CA, May 16, 2018 – EY announced that Elizabeth Iorns, Ph.D., CEO and co-founder of Science Exchange, is a finalist for the Entrepreneur Of The Year® 2018 Award in the Northern California region. Entrepreneur Of The Year® is the world’s most prestigious business awards program for entrepreneurs who are excelling in areas such as innovation, financial performance and personal commitment to their businesses and communities. Iorns was selected as a finalist by a panel of independent judges. Award winners will be announced at a special gala event on June 8 at the Fairmont San Francisco.

“I am truly honored to be included as an Entrepreneur Of The Year®finalist among so many other accomplished business luminaries in Northern California,” noted Elizabeth Iorns. “I share this honor with every Science Exchange team member who strives daily to improve the quality and efficiency of scientific research.”

Iorns is a resolute leader dedicated to speeding up scientific research and making it more collaborative. Under her leadership, Science Exchange, the leading marketplace for outsourced R&D, has been enabling scientific breakthroughs by connecting researchers to the best R&D providers.

Iorns has received many other accolades that validate her commitment and groundbreaking work in the industry, including the Gold Stevie® Award for Female Entrepreneur of the Year, Nature’s “Ten People that Mattered,” WIRED’s “50 Women Who Are Changing The World” and the Glamstarter Award from Glamour Magazine.

Now in its 32nd year, the Entrepreneur Of The Year® program has expanded to recognize business leaders in more than 145 cities and more than 60 countries throughout the world.

Regional award winners are eligible for consideration for the Entrepreneur Of The Year National competition. Award winners in several national categories, as well as the Entrepreneur Of The Year National Overall Award winner, will be announced at the Entrepreneur Of The Year National Awards gala in Palm Springs, California, on November 17, 2018. The awards are the culminating event of the Strategic Growth Forum®, the nation’s most prestigious gathering of high-growth, market-leading companies.


About Entrepreneur Of The Year®

Entrepreneur Of The Year®, founded by EY, is the world’s most prestigious business awards program for entrepreneurs, chosen from an independent panel of judges including entrepreneurs and prominent leaders from business, finance, and the local community. The program makes a difference through the way it encourages entrepreneurial activity among those with potential and recognizes the contribution of people who inspire others with their vision, leadership and achievement. As the first and only truly global awards program of its kind, Entrepreneur Of The Year celebrates those who are building and leading successful, growing and dynamic businesses, recognizing them through regional, national and global awards programs in more than 145 cities and more than 60 countries. ey.com/eoy

Take 5 – The Transcending Power of Innovation

May 11, 2018 | Posted by Team in Innovation Highlight |

by Gursatya “Guru” Singh, Director of Scientific Content, Science Exchange

Innovation is the spice of life; it brings out the complex flavors of our ideas and elevates them to new heights. Scientific research becomes stagnant without it, as does just about every other profession. To put it plainly, innovative breakthroughs have the potential to challenge the way we think and live. Within the past few years, we have witnessed significant paradigm shifts within life science research thanks to breakthroughs from several sources such as Silicon Valley tech startups, biotech companies, CROs, academic labs, and government institutes.

To illustrate, some providers in our network now offer virtual reality services for highly-advanced 3D molecular visualization, while others provide blockchain technology to help you protect your IP (intellectual property)  and facilitate secure data storage and transfer. These providers and many more can be found on Science Exchange — offering services ranging from artificial intelligence platforms that help scientists make better drug efficacy predictions early in the research cycle, to highly inventive 3D organoid models that recapitulate human pathology in vitro. As such, we have witnessed many technologies of the future become the reality of today. Science Exchange has been and will always be ready to give you access to innovative technologies before they become mainstream.

Sit back and Take 5! If something grabs your interest, click on the provided link to learn more about each service.


Paragon Assay – An RNA-Based Immune Profiling
This assay reports on the most impactful immunomodulatory molecules demonstrated to have implications in drug discovery, biomarker development, and immunotherapy efficacy monitoring.

Clinical archives and samples, such as FFPE, FNAs, CNBs, and LCM solid tumors, have previously been difficult to characterize. Paragon accommodates these valuable and degraded materials with very low inputs and provides extensive immune characterization beyond current technologies—including differentiating cells such as M1 and M2 macrophages and Tregs—with high confidence. LEARN MORE


Organotypic 3D Lung Model
This model mimics the architecture and functions of the human airway epithelium in vitro and can be used for the assessment of goblet cell hyperplasia, mucus secretion, squamous cell development, and changes in gene expression.

The organotypic 3D lung model provides actionable data on the effects of test compounds in a rapid and reproducible manner. It has the potential to reveal differential effects of novel therapeutics on cells from non-diseased and diseased donors. LEARN MORE


BSEPcyte® and MDR3cyte® Assay Services
These novel Bile Salt Export Protein (BSEP)/Multi-Drug-Resistant Protein 3 (MDR3) inhibition assay services are useful in assessing the potential of candidate drugs in treating drug-induced liver injury (DILI).

BSEPcyte® and MDR3cyte® employ primary hepatocyte suspensions and have a significant competitive advantage over assay systems that employ membrane vesicles in being physiologically relevant and capable of cross-species comparison and in situ metabolism investigations. LEARN MORE


theraTRACE® Phenotypic Screening PlatformtheraTRACE® Phenotypic Screening Platform
This platform allows for known drug-like compounds to be comprehensively screened using a battery of in vivo assays (> 40 animal models) spanning multiple therapeutic areas.

The theraTRACE® system is able to provide a complete pharmacological fingerprint/profile of a compound in 10 weeks. The system demonstrates particular utility in facilitating the crucial “go/no-go” development decisions routinely faced by pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies. LEARN MORE


Simple WesternSimple Western™ Assays
These assays can be used for protein sizing and quantitative immunodetection as an alternative to traditional Western blot analysis.

Simple Western™ assays are performed on Simon™, an instrument that integrates and automates all manual operations associated with Western blotting. LEARN MORE



Request quotes for these innovative services today!

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Science Exchange Named Finalist for 2018 Bio-IT World Best Practices Awards

May 8, 2018 | Posted by Team in News |

2018 Bio-IT World Best Practices Award Finalist

We’re finalists! Our entry, Procurement as Innovative Driver,” describing our collaboration with GSK Consumer Health, could win a 2018 Bio-IT World Best Practices Award next week. Read the announcement and full list of nominees at http://www.bio-itworld.com/2018/04/20/bio-it-world-announces-finalists-for-2018-best-practices-awards.aspx.


On-Demand Webinar: Complex, 3D Screening for Cancer Immunotherapy

May 7, 2018 | Posted by Team in Webinar |

CARE Research, LLC Preclinical Services

Screening for potential anti-cancer immunotherapies benefits from 3D platforms to detect complex, multi-cell and multi-step effects on the immune system.

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn:

  • Differences between 2D and 3D drug screening models
  • How 3D cultures can mimic cancer cell-immune cell interactions
  • How to maximize reproducibility in a 3D drug screening assay

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Who Should Watch:

  • Assay development researchers
  • Cancer immunotherapy researchers
  • Cell biologists

About Our Speakers:

Lisa Stehno-Bittel, Ph.D. co-founded Likarda in 2012. In 17 months, Likarda was revenue positive and was chosen as one of the top 50 Most Promising Start-Ups in the World. With over 25 years of experience studying cell biology and diabetes, she has over 65 publications and many awards. Currently, Lisa and her team at Likarda are developing a cell-based solution for dogs with diabetes, removing the need for daily insulin injections.

Lindsey Ott, Ph.D. is the Director of Product Innovation at Likarda LLC. In her role at Likarda, Lindsey expands Likarda’s patented 3D cell cluster technology into other preclinical drug discovery applications like oncology, immunotherapies, and ADME-Tox.

FYR Diagnostics Joins Forces with Science Exchange to Offer RNA Screening and Biomarker Services

April 24, 2018 | Posted by Team in News |

FYR Diagnostics Science ExchangePALO ALTO, CA, April 24, 2018 – Science Exchange, the world’s leading and most secure enterprise platform for outsourced research and development (R&D) services, announced a collaboration with FYR Diagnostics to offer online access to its RNA screening and biomarker development services to scientists around the globe.

FYR Diagnostics is a privately held company headquartered in Missoula, Montana. The company offers unique biomarker discovery services including the identification and validation of genomic biomarkers such as miRNA. Since its inception, FYR Diagnostics has developed ongoing, collaborative relationships with both academic institutions and private companies all over the world to advance the discovery of objective measures of health leading up to and during disease.

“The FYR Diagnostics team has extensive experience screening miRNA samples, developing biomarkers, writing grants, and designing experiments with the goal of worldwide patent protection and commercialization. Our ability to quickly adapt and utilize novel technologies gives us a competitive edge over other research groups. We’re thrilled to join Science Exchange and looking forward to providing world-class research services to a global life science community,” says Sarj Patel, Ph.D., President of FYR Diagnostics.

“We are very excited to collaborate with FYR Diagnostics to make available its RNA screening and biomarker development services to scientists worldwide,” said Elizabeth Iorns, Ph.D., cofounder and CEO of Science Exchange.

“Science Exchange is committed to adding the most innovative and qualified service providers to our platform, so scientists have the services they need securely and readily available to aid their discoveries. FYR Diagnostics has impressed us with their superb progress in miRNA screening and biomarker development.”

About FYR Diagnostics

FYR Diagnostics is a Missoula, Montana-based company led by a team with diverse research and commercialization backgrounds. FYR Diagnostics provides miRNA screening and biomarker development services to other companies, leveraging its team’s successful background in these areas. Additionally, the company has a strong in-house pipeline focused on biomarker and diagnostic development.


Connect with FYR Diagnostics

Visit FYR Diagnostics’s Science Exchange profile to learn more and obtain quotes for their services.

Webinar: Preclinical Animal Studies: Key Considerations for Success

April 24, 2018 | Posted by Team in Webinar |

CARE Research, LLC Preclinical ServicesWhat parameters of an animal study should you consider at each step — from study design through histopathological analysis?

Tune into this on-demand webinar to hear from Rajan Bawa, Ph.D., Chief Technology Officer of CARE Research LLC.

Dr. Bawa is a leading preclinical research expert with decades of experience in drug and device development. You will learn best practices for setting up a preclinical study that will meet compliance requirements and give you the best chance for regulatory approval.

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Who Should Attend:

  • Preclinical researchers
  • Pharmacology/Toxicology scientists
  • Animal study scientists

About Our Speaker:

Rajan Bawa, Ph.D. is the Chief Technology Officer of CARE Research, LLC. Dr. Bawa has been in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry for over 40 years. Twenty years ago, he launched a histopathology/hematology/clinpath company, Colorado Histo-Prep. In 2010, the company acquired one of its preclinical CRO clients, which was CARE Research. The resulting enterprise now offers sponsors a single point of control for multiple facets of complex studies for diverse clients in the preclinical space. These range from large pharma, to small biotechs, startups and academic researchers performing translational research.

Science Exchange and Ranomics Collaborate to Offer Online Access to their VariantFind™ Mutagenesis Platform

April 9, 2018 | Posted by Team in News |

Ranomics Science Exchange

PALO ALTO, Calif., April 9, 2018–Science Exchange, the world’s leading and most secure enterprise platform for outsourced research and development services, announced a collaboration with Ranomics to offer online access to its mutagenesis platform to scientists around the globe.

Ranomics is a Toronto-based biotechnology company whose mission is to enable transformative discoveries using genomics. The VariantFind™ platform offers unique mutagenesis services to build comprehensive variant libraries on complex and long DNA sequences, enabling its partners to make breakthrough discoveries.

“We are proud to team up with Science Exchange, a move that will give life sciences communities all over the world quick and easy access to quality science,” says Leo Wan, Ph.D., CEO and co-founder of Ranomics. “Our core strength has always been building cost-effective and diverse DNA libraries rapidly. Now we can effectively assist customers who want to use these libraries in high-throughput cell-based assays as part of a more full-service approach to pre-clinical research.”

“We are thrilled to partner with Ranomics to make its innovative gene mutagenesis services available to scientists worldwide,” said Elizabeth Iorns, Ph.D., co-founder and CEO of Science Exchange. “Science Exchange is always looking to add innovative and qualified providers to our platform, giving scientists quick access to a comprehensive selection of research services. Ranomics has impressed us with their superb progress in mutagenesis and cell-based screening.”

About Ranomics
Ranomics is a Toronto-based biotechnology company whose mission is to enable transformative discoveries using genomics. Ranomics’s proprietary functional genomics platform offers unparalleled ability to study genetic variations within the context of fundamental biology and drug discovery. The platform promotes unbiased and systematic characterization of gene variations, leading to the development of novel therapeutics in a derisked and cost-effective manner. The VariantFind™ technology is a key component of Ranomics’s functional genomics platform, and offers unprecedented scalability and flexibility in building DNA variant libraries. The VariantFind™ technology is used by partners to find meaningful variants in their research programs that will propel discovery and make better products. Ranomics is committed to providing top-quality variant libraries at competitive costs with quick turnaround time for all partners. Ranomics is an alumnus of IndieBio and graduate of JLabs Toronto.


Start finding target gene variations today! Request a quote at the Ranomics storefront:

The CDNR Platform – Progressing the Promise of Personalized Medicine

April 9, 2018 | Posted by Team in Innovation Highlight |

by Gursatya “Guru” Singh, Director of Scientific Content, Science Exchange

Most everyone knows that precision medicine promises to transform the healthcare landscape, delivering powerful and personalized treatments for previously intractable diseases. Even so, biotech innovators still face tremendous hurdles in realizing this promise — chief among them, finding access to sufficient numbers of annotated, characterized and consented patient samples.

Novaseek Research has developed a unique solution to this dilemma: the Clinical Data Network for Research platform — otherwise known as CDNR.

CDNR Novaseek Research Science Exchange

CDNR provides instant access to thousands of ethically-sourced patients’ specimens and associated real-world clinical data in pursuit of advancing the field of personalized medicine. Novaseek obtains biosamples and associated data through its extensive network of physicians, clinical labs, and hospitals. Within this network, Novaseek actively recruits patients to match targeted research needs. Novaseek also maintains a large searchable database of de-identified clinical information representing millions of patients.

Through the Novaseek platform, researchers can easily obtain the data they need throughout the product life cycle. For instance, researchers seeking the statistics necessary for in vitro diagnostics submissions can gain access to sufficient numbers of annotated, characterized and consented patient samples and related data. With CDNR, obtaining clinical data and biospecimens is seamlessly integrated into R&D.

Learn more about Novaseek Research on their Science Exchange storefront.


Webinar: PEAKS AB, The Fastest Path to Accurate Antibody Sequences

April 4, 2018 | Posted by Team in Webinar |

Peaks AB TransparentPEAKS AB: The Fastest Path to Accurate Antibody Sequences

What challenges do you face in characterizing monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) at the molecular level? Whether it’s heterogeneity caused by truncation or glycation, or confounding isobaric amino acids, you’ve wished there was a better way.

Watch our webinar to learn about a novel, three-in-one solution for obtaining 100% accurate amino acid sequences for antibody proteins, powered by the PEAKS AB software.

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You will learn about:

  • Intact mass analysis of antibody proteins; why is it important?
  • De novo antibody protein sequencing workflow used in PEAKS AB service: algorithm and experimental procedure
  • Isoleucine and leucine differentiation by using EThcD fragmentation methods

About Our Speaker

Wen Zhang, Ph.D. is the Senior Application Scientist at Bioinformatics Solutions Inc. (BSI). With her rich experience in proteomics and MS data generation, processing and analysis, she joined BSI, where she now leads the antibody protein de novo sequencing projects. Her work includes intact mass, de novo sequencing, peptide mapping, post-translational modification, disulfide bond and N-linked glycan analyses.

Science Exchange and Murray Rheology Consulting Collaborate to Offer Online Access to Rheology Services

April 3, 2018 | Posted by Team in News |

Murray Rheology Consulting Joins Science Exchange

Science Exchange, the world’s leading and most secure enterprise platform for outsourced research and development services, announced a collaboration with Murray Rheology Consulting to offer online access to its rheology training, problem-solving, and technical writing services to scientists and engineers around the globe.

Murray Rheology Consulting is an LLC based in West Lafayette, Indiana, USA, whose mission is to help researchers and industrial scientists who are developing soft materials by providing them with rheological analysis and test method development services.

“Science Exchange is our platform of choice because of its worldwide reach and dedication to helping life science labs connect with specialists,” says Lisa R. Murray, Ph.D., General Manager and Lead Consultant of Murray Rheology Consulting. “Science Exchange helps us stay engaged with our clients, so that we can better design customized test methods for their product development, quality control, and research. Our firm is passionate about helping other companies overcome barriers to fluid and gel scale-up so that their products can reach the market faster.”

“We are thrilled to collaborate with Murray Rheology Consulting to make its rheology consulting services readily available to scientists worldwide,” said Elizabeth Iorns, Ph.D., co-founder and CEO of Science Exchange. “Science Exchange is dedicated to adding innovative and qualified providers to our platform, giving scientists quick access to a comprehensive selection of research resources. Murray Rheology Consulting met our rigorous qualification criteria while demonstrating in-depth expertise in the field of rheology.

About Murray Rheology Consulting

Murray Rheology Consulting was founded in 2017 with a focus on giving industrial scientists training and advice for improving soft material development. Current projects include online rheology training for technicians, engineers, and scientists along with technical reviews for biomedical rheological test designs. Our PhD rheologist provides custom trainings and onsite consultation. The wide assortment of industries assisted by Murray Rheology Consulting brings creative approaches to our analyses and solutions. From colloids to hydrogels to emulsions, we handle the planning and analyses of physical properties to solve problems.  Murray Rheology Consulting can be found on Twitter @MurrayRheology.

Connect with Murray Rheology Consulting today to discuss your product development program’s biorheology testing requirements — click “Request Quote” to describe your project!

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