Launch of the Science Advocate Initiative

March 20, 2012 | Posted by Team in Company, News |

Our overarching goal at Science Exchange has been to change the pace of scientific research.

Over the past year, we’ve been lucky enough to do just that through our online marketplace for science experiments.  We’ve helped thousands of researchers access service providers across the globe, connect with other researchers around shared resources, and accelerate their productive output through outsourcing deficiencies and focusing on expertise.

But our marketplace has only been one facet of our plans.  Our goals for Science Exchange have been grander, as we continue to roll out new features, programs, and initiatives.  As such, we are happy to announce the launch of our newest program: the Science Advocate Initiative.

Advocates are envisioned as our ambassadors for science, leading a movement to fundamentally transform science.  While our marketplace can serve to lay the groundwork for incremental change, true sustainable change can only emerge from the bottom-up: from the students, postdocs, and professors themselves.

Such individuals will lead the Advocate Initiative, helping to push for infrastructural change in scientific processes.  They’ll engage in peer communications, seminars, conferences, and larger marketing efforts.  They’ll work within their institutions to improve access to shared resources, and open science platforms. They’ll stand at the forefront of a changing dynamic in scientific research, and help make it a reality.

We’ve already launched the Initiative at 5 institutions, including Stanford, Moffitt, UCSF, USC, and Yale.  If you’re interested in becoming a Science Advocate at your institution, check out our Advocate Page for more info.

~the Science Exchange team

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