Top Five Big Pharma Innovations


  by  opensourceway    Big Pharma has been hit hard in recent years with patent cliffs, an increased cost to get a drug to market (now estimated at well over $1 billion), and regulatory problems. This is exacerbated by the fact that many of the low hanging fruit in drug candidates have been picked, and currently nine […]

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Mobile Health: the myths and mystery of health tech


  by  IntelFreePress    Is mobile health just a trend? Everything around us is already going mobile, from media and social life to the sale of goods and services. It would seem healthcare could present the next frontier, but what are the advantages of making our health mobile? Or more importantly, what could possibly go wrong? […]

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Science Exchange at Health 2.0


Science Exchange has been selected for Health 2.0 2012! Health 2.0 is a world leader in health care technology, and the Health 2.0 conference is known as a leading showcase of cutting-edge innovations that will transform health, health care and research. Since 2007, over 500 technology companies have been introduced to the world stage at […]

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