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Helping Researchers Affected by Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy has not only affected millions of lives, but has had a tragic impact on the work of scientists and researchers in the North East.

Power outages, flooding, and loss of storage has affected years of work in antibodies, enzymes, constructs, and other research material. And yesterday we learned that thousands of experimental mice were lost due to flooding at the New York University Hospital. As a former breast cancer biologist, it is heartbreaking to hear of the loss suffered by researchers in the affected areas.

To help assist wherever we can, Science Exchange will be waiving all our fees till the end of this year for anyone whose research has been affected by the hurricane. We hope this will help affected researchers, whose own institutions may be either closed or at capacity, to continue their research by accessing expert providers from our network of 300 institutions across the country.

We are also working with our network of expert providers to see if they are able to offer their services and excess resources to researchers affected by the hurricane.

For researchers working on transgenic mouse projects, we’ve already had several providers, including the Mouse Biology Program at UC Davis, the Animal Models Core at UNC Chapel Hill, and Gene Targeting and Transgenic Facility at Roswell Park, indicate their support for helping affected researchers.

We’ll be providing further updates over the coming days as we get further commitments from providers of the over 1,300 services offered on

We hope this small gesture may help in this difficult time. If you have any questions, you can reach  us at [email protected].


UPDATE: Science crowdfunding site Microryza has started a campaign to raise money for science and research facilities at NYU Langone Medical Center that were devastated by the events of Hurricane Sandy. Microryza are waiving their normal fee so 100% of the funds raise will go directly to NYU researchers as a gift. You can donate to the fund here.

[about_box image=””]Elizabeth Iorns is Co-Founder & CEO of Science Exchange. Elizabeth conceived the idea for Science Exchange while an Assistant Professor at the University of Miami and as CEO she drives the company’s vision, strategy and growth. She is passionate about creating a new way to foster scientific collaboration that will break down existing silos, democratize access to scientific expertise and accelerate the speed of scientific discovery. Elizabeth has a B.S. in Biomedical Science from the University of Auckland, a Ph.D. in Cancer Biology from the Institute of Cancer Research in London, and conducted postdoctoral research in Cancer Biology from the University of Miami’s Miller School of Medicine where her research focused on identifying mechanisms of breast cancer development and progression.[/about_box]


Elizabeth Iorns

CEO and Co-Founder

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