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March 20, 2013 | Posted by Team in Company, Science Exchange News |


It’s been almost two years since we founded Science Exchange with the goal of making scientific research more efficient.

We started off as a small team: a breast-cancer biologist, a software engineer, and an economist. Stemming from our own experiences in scientific research, we sought to create a centralized marketplace which researchers could use to easily access the world’s scientific expertise.

After participating in the Y Combinator program, launching in August 2011 and raising funding from top-tier investors, we’ve grown Science Exchange to list over 4700 services at 71 of the top 100 research universities. Researchers from California State to Princeton University, the NIH to NASA, and small biotechs to large pharma, have all found and ordered services through the platform. And we’ve expanded globally, with press noted in Fast Company, Wired, Nature, and CNBC.

Now, we’re looking to take Science Exchange to the next level. We have exciting plans to continue to optimize our product platform for research customers, and¬†bolster our service offerings to more disciplines. There are many new partnerships and initiatives in the pipeline, and are looking for talented engineers and scientists to help support us in this vision.

We’re hiring for a range of positions, from software engineers to data scientists, and customer development to community managers. If you’re interested, or may know one who is, check out our jobs page at:



~ The Science Exchange Team

Crowd-Funding A Preventive Treatment for Breast Cancer

March 15, 2013 | Posted by Elizabeth in Research |

Screen Shot 2013-03-15 at 6.13.43 PM

Can we prevent the transmission of inherited genetic mutations that cause breast cancer?

That is the question to my first crowd-funding project on Micryoryza, as I try to determine whether PARP inhibitors can be used to prevent the production of BRCA mutant gametes that are believed to cause breast cancer. If the study is funded, and the outcome successful, we may have identified a new mechanism by which to prevent the transmission of genetic mutations from parents to their offspring.

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Reproducibility Initiative: Updates, Opt-Ins, and Validations

March 1, 2013 | Posted by Elizabeth in Company, Science Exchange News |

Screen Shot 2013-02-28 at 5.56.43 PM

In August 2012, we launched the Reproducibility Initiative as a partnership between PLOS, figshare, Mendeley, and Science Exchange- looking to identify and reward high quality reproducible research.

As the quality of research reported in the literature remains under intense scrutiny, with citation rates and independent publications not providing a robust measure for reproducibility, the Reproducibility Initiative has sought to provide a platform to rapidly and cost effectively screen studies, methods and reagents via independent replication of key experimental results.

We’ve spent the first 6 months of the Initiative building partnerships, funding relationships, and promoting awareness for the issue. We are now moving into the second phase of the Reproducibility Initiative, and will be splitting the program into two arms:

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