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It’s been a great couple of months for Science Exchange, with significant growth in the marketplace and an injection of new capital from amazing VC partners.

And yet despite this growth, the Science Exchange team has remained lean. Very lean. Too lean. Our team of five passionate, dedicated people has achieved a lot in the last 18 months, but we knew further growth would require hiring more great people to join us.

So since April we’ve been recruiting and interviewing like crazy to find the right people to join our team. Hiring at a startup is hard. Identifying, vetting and securing talent is a full-time job. And, given Science Exchange is still small, there is no room for error… we need A-level talent in every position.

The most important aspect of startup hiring is finding people who not only fit working at a startup, but fit working at your startup. At Science Exchange that meant finding people who were passionate about improving the way science is conducted; who were action-oriented and had an entrepreneurial mindset; who had a sense of curiousity and a passion for learning new things; who were resourceful and creative problem-solvers; and who would thrive in an open and collaborative work environment. Plus they needed to like cupcakes.

So, it is exciting to be able to share that we have four amazing people joining the Science Exchange team in June:

  • Tess Mayall is a geologist by training, but was most recently working directly with Guy Kawasaki to build his online community and fan base. She is the definition of relentlessly resourceful. After learning about Science Exchange via Angellist, she found Elizabeth’s email on a Slideshare presentation, and then sent a direct message in addition submitting an Angellist application (a good plan as we get 5-10 applications each day via Angellist). Tess starts as our new Community Manager this week.
  • Michael Kompanets is a rare combination… a Rails developer with a degree in Biochemistry and experience working as a Bioinformatian at a biotech company. Michael impressed us with his dedication, passion and humor during a weekend hackathon where we developed Michael is going to be joining as a Software Engineer later this month.
  • Brianne Villano submitted one of the best resumes I’d ever seen, with sections on “What can I bring to your company?”, “What others are saying…” and “Side Projects & Interests”, which included an impressive and varied list of amazing, entrepreneurial endevours. Her post-interview treat sealed the deal. We somehow managed to convince Brianne to leave a great job at one of the world’s leading CROs and move across the country from North Carolina. Brianne is currently en route and will be starting as a Customer Development Manager next week.
  • Fraser Tan came to our attention when she was interning at fellow science startup BenchWise. Fraser has just completed a postdoc in the Biochemistry department at Stanford University, where she was studying the development of multiciliated cells in the mouse lung. She also sings in an awesome a cappella group. Fraser will be joining as a Customer Development Manager later this month and has promised to bake cakes, desserts and other treats on a regular basis.

We’re still hiring, particularly for Software EngineersFront-end Developers and UX/UI Designers. But more generally we’re interested in hiring “athletes” (in the Jason Freedman sense of the word). So if you love what we’re doing at Science Exchange and think there is a way you could help out please email me.


[about_box image=””]Dan Knox is a Co-Founder of Science Exchange. Along with Elizabeth Iorns and Ryan Abbott, Dan created the initial version of Science Exchange and led the company’s successful seed fundraising efforts. Now, he looks after finance, legal, HR, marketing and customer support (and even commits the occasional line of code). Dan has MSc. in Economics from City University (London) and an MBA from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Sloan School of Management.[/about_box]


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