Independent Antibody Validation to Improve Research Quality


Science Exchange partners with to independently validate commercial antibodies enabling researchers to choose high quality research reagents

PALO ALTO, Calif. — Press Release — Science Exchange, in partnership with the world’s largest marketplace for antibodies, antibodies-online (, announced today the launch of a program to independently validate thousands of commercial antibodies via the Science Exchange Independent Validation Service ( This program will help scientists identify high quality antibodies, improving the quality of research results and preventing the waste of resources spent on ineffective antibodies.

“More than 70% of published research cannot be independently reproduced,” said Dr. Elizabeth Iorns, Science Exchange’s co-founder and CEO. “This has significant consequences for our ability to make scientific advances. One cause of this serious problem is the quality of reagents used in research studies. Our antibody validation program will directly tackle this problem, enabling scientists to identify independently validated antibodies that they can trust for their research.”

The antibody validation program leverages Science Exchange’s existing marketplace for scientific services, which contains a network of thousands of expert scientific experiment providers from top academic research institutes and commercial contract research organizations. “Our facilities are experts at specific experimental techniques. Using our network allows us to rapidly and cost effectively provide high quality independent validation of thousands of antibodies across a range of experimental techniques” said Dr. Iorns.

An 'Independently Validated' badge will be awarded to those antibodies that are validated as part of the Reproducibility Initiative
Validated antibodies will receive a badge of reproducibility, viewable at

Antibodies submitted to the Science Exchange Independent Validation service are blindly matched with an appropriate, verified provider who validates the antibody for specific technical applications including enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA), western blot, immunofluorescence, immunohistochemistry and flow cytometry. Upon completion, the full experimental methods and results are written up as a report and the antibody is identified using an “independently validated” badge with a unique identification number (see an example report here). This badge will be displayed beside independently validated antibodies on the antibodies-online website, enabling researchers to easily purchase trusted reagents from the antibodies-online marketplace.

“We believe researchers have the right to make purchasing decisions based on transparent information about a reagent’s true performance ability”, said Dr. David Kitz Kramer, head of customer service at “ will provide a unique resource where scientists can easily purchase independently validated antibodies that they can trust.”

antibodies-online suppliers can submit their reagents for validation at:

Scientists can purchase independently validated antibodies at

List of Participating Research Partners

The following Core Facilities, CROs, and Research Labs are currently offering their services on a fee-for-service basis to independently validate antibodies submitted through the Science Exchange Validation Service.

Core facilities and CROs can join Science Exchange at:


Science Exchange Team


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  1. The ultimate solution to this problem is for some giant organization–very likely the Chinese government, consider what they did to the opto-electricity industry–to dump money and staffing to create a genome wide monoclonal antibody library, and give these to researchers around the world from one centralized place. This will crush all the antibody companies and humanity’s exploration of life and nature can thus advance upon the debris of these companies with a new proteomic tool repository as modular and accessible as that for genomic studies. A new era of democratized biologically innovations shall thus ensue.

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