Science Exchange Stories: Derek Duan, Eyegenix, LLC.


Derek Duan is a Principal Investigator at Eyegenix, a small biotech in Hawaii that is creating a unique way to cure corneal blindness. How are they doing it? By creating a synthetic, transplantable cornea that promotes tissue regeneration. I spoke with Derek about their novel approach to curing blindness, the biotech scene in Hawaii, and […]

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Lab Profile: Zhiyong Wang, ADS Biosystems


  I recently talked with Zhiyong Wang Ph.D, CEO of ADS Biosystems Inc. ADS Biosystems specializes in cell-based assay development. In particular, Zhiyong applies his experience and expertise from the renowned Hunter Lab at the Salk Institute to develop assays with brown and white fat, routine human cell lines,  human adult stem cells, and rodent […]

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Is scientific collaboration broken?


At Science Exchange, we believe that collaboration is the future of science. In fact, we created Science Exchange to help scientists access top equipment and expertise to simplify their collaborations. We wanted to learn how scientists are currently working with their peers, so we surveyed over 1500 scientists about their collaborations. Check out our infographic below which summarizes the […]

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