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Service Provider Qualification and Monitoring Processes at Science Exchange

R&D organizations are rightfully cautious when selecting service providers. So much is at stake — reputation, intellectual property, pipeline decisions, regulatory approval, financial investments, and time. ISO 9001 Certified QMS Science Exchange

By partnering with Science Exchange, R&D organizations can finally rest assured that they are accessing a network of service providers that meets their most stringent criteria for quality and integrity.

Put your reputation into the best hands.

Every service provider on the Science Exchange platform is rigorously qualified and operates under pre-established legal agreements that protect intellectual property (IP), define confidentiality obligations, and ensure quality and compliance.

We stand by the unmatched quality of our ISO 9001-certified service provider qualification and monitoring processes. Our process verifies details of service provider compliance, reputation, financial standing, and staff expertise:

Provider Qualification & Monitoring Criteria  

Compliance Reputation Financials Expertise & Resources
  • Basic info (contact, billing, shipping)
  • Proof of certifications
  • FDA warning letters
  • USDA violations
  • Anti-bribery/Anti-corruption*
  • Social media
  • Client referrals
  • BBB complaints
  • Website verification
  • Facility/operations photos
  • Tax documents
  • Financial standing
  • Risk assessment
  • Employee headcount
  • Staff bios
  • Instrumentation
  • Detailed service descriptions
  • Validation data
  • Publications/patents

We require submission of compliance and capabilities information to help our clients determine whether the provider is the best fit for a proposed study. Information is either incorporated into the Science Exchange storefront for each facility or is stored within Science Exchange’s database. *Science Exchange checks against FPAC enforcement actions for anti-bribery/anti-corruption compliance.

Request a demo to see how our service provider quality management system protects our partner R&D organizations.


Science Exchange Team


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