New on Science Exchange: BiTE Screening for Immunooncology, Editing Primary Cells, and Advances in NGS

December 18, 2017 | Posted by Team in Innovation Highlight, New Innovations |

–Chandreyee Das, Ph.D. | Senior Content Manager, Science Exchange

Retrogenix BiTE Screening

Screening for immunotherapies: Take a BiTE out of cancer

Bispecific T-Cell Engager Antibodies, or “BiTE” antibodies, are thought to be safe and efficacious candidates for cancer immunotherapy.

But the specificity of membrane receptor binding is hard to characterize.

A unique new technology from Retrogenix has caught the attention of dozens of pharmaceutical companies in the immunooncology space — seeking to use Retrogenix services for discovering immune checkpoint modulators, perform CAR-T cell specificity screening, and more. It’s not surprising that the company was recognized by an award from the Queen of England!

Visit the Retrogenix storefront to connect with their team


Unlocking genomics: From tortoises to transcriptomes

In 2006, Fasteris became the first service provider to order an Illumina NGS instrument. This year, they celebrated 20 years of providing NGS services to the world, applying their expertise to diverse studies, ranging from transcriptomics to elucidate T-cell differentiation, microbiome metagenomics, herpes virus infection in wild frogs, and host-pathogen interactions in tortoises.

Earlier this year, the company collaborated on a project to sequence cell-free DNA from over 6,000 cases of fetal aneuploidy — using a novel method developed at Fasteris in 2013.

Start a project today with Fasteris


Gene editing in primary cells: Be on the (DNA-cutting) edgeB-Mogen Banner

Gene editing is hard enough — and it’s even harder in primary cells. A company that combines expertise in gene delivery AND gene editing has an advantage in this space — and that company is B-MoGen Biotechnologies, recent recipients of an NIH grant for developing novel genome editing technologies.

B-MoGen offers a proprietary technology for editing nearly any primary human cell type — CD34s, T cells, B cells, etc.

Gain the editing edge with the B-MoGen team



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