They do not typically include projects of a discovery, or exploratory nature (e.g., target identification, high throughput screening, early efficacy models, early safety studies).


Some of the project types that would require GxP services include:


  • Agricultural or environmental toxicology studies or study phases under EPA GLP regulations, or equivalent (for non-U.S.)
  • Pivotal Nonclinical Drug Safety Studies or study phases under FDA GLP regulations, or equivalent (for non-U.S.)
  • Manufacturing, characterization or packaging of therapeutics (active pharmaceutical ingredients) for humans or companion animals under GMP guidance (ICH Q7) and/or FDA regulations (or equivalent for non-U.S.).
  • Procurement or distribution of human-derived specimens or analysis of such specimens for exploratory purposes, e.g., biomarker identification, under certain requirements of GCP and patient/subject privacy laws (e.g., HIPAA), or for diagnostic purposes under federal certification (e.g., CLIA) or international accrediting programs (e.g., CAP).
  • Human clinical trials and sample analyses required to be conducted under federal GCP and patient/subject privacy regulations.

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