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Tips on using Science Exchange for R&D services.

Work has completed – What happens next

Once the provider has completed your order, they will send the invoice to Science Exchange. Orders will automatically move to “Order Completed” status once Science Exchange has received, reviewed, and approved the invoice. Science Exchange will reject incorrect invoices or invoices applied to POs without sufficient funds. 

You will receive an email notification indicating that the order has been completed, and your order timeline will also show an “Order Completed” event.

Your payment is due to Science Exchange as stated in your invoice. 

If you disagree with the price, deliverables, or the completeness of the order, click “contact Science Exchange” on the “Order Completed” timeline event. This will open a popup window where you can contact Science Exchange Support with your request to review order completion.

Contact Support Modal

On the order timeline, you will see a confirmation that your order completion review has been submitted to Support:

order completion review submitted

Rate the provider!

Once an order is marked complete, click the “Rate Provider” button on your order timeline. You will be prompted to answer three questions to rate your experience with the provider. This rating will be anonymous and will help us better maintain the quality of our network. 


Rate Provider button cropped
Provider Rating survey

Write a public endorsement of the provider at any time by visiting their storefront and clicking “Endorsements.”

Endorse Provider