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Tips on using Science Exchange for R&D services.

Application Process: FAQs


  • How do I become a Provider on Science Exchange?
  • Why do I need to complete a W9 or W-8BEN-E tax form? And where can I find them?
    • We require a completed W9 (USA based companies) or a W-8BEN-E (Non-USA/International based companies) in order to issue payment to your company once the project and services have been completed. Without, these documents our billing team cannot issue payment to you. You can access and find the W9 form here and the W-8BEN-E form here.
  • What is the Rapid Payment Program? Is it mandatory?
    • The Rapid Payment Program is an optional program that we office our Provider network who are looking for faster payment terms. If a Provider joins the Rapid Payment Program, we offer Net 10 Payment Terms, meaning that the Provider receives payment in 10 business days in exchange for a small fee to finance the early payment. This fee is a small percentage of the invoiced amount and is in line with typical credit card processing fees for online transactions. If you would like to learn more and/or enroll in the Rapid Payment Program, click here.
  • What does the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act mean?
    • The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act is a criminal statute prohibiting improper payments to government officials, the intent of such payments is to influence performance of official duties.
    • In addition to prohibiting improper payment to foreign officials, the FCPA requires United States companies and their controlled affiliates to keep accurate books and records of the transactions in which they engage to maintain a system of internal controls.
    • Violations of the FCPA accompany severe penalties, ranging from multi-million dollar fines and “disgorgement” of any business profits from an improper payment, to loss of export privileges, or eligibility to compete for U.S. government contracts. To learn more, please follow this link:
  • What is a Covered Entity?
    • To learn if you are a Covered Entity please use this guide.
    • If you have further questions, you can learn more here.
    • Or contact our legal team at [email protected]
  • What happens now?
    • Once you have successfully submitted the application, the Science Exchange Provider team will start processing the application and reach out to you within 48 hours if any additional information is required. If no further information is necessary, we will start to create your Provider Profile/Account on Science Exchange and once this is built, you will receive a “Welcome” email with instructions on how to initially login and how to start navigating the platform.