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Tips on using Science Exchange for R&D services.

How can reviews and endorsements boost my rankings?

Search rankings are boosted by the number of orders completed, % positive reviews & ratings, as well as endorsements. Whenever an order is marked complete on Science Exchange, the requester has the opportunity to leave a review. Another factor that influences search rankings is Endorsements, which can be left by anyone who has a Science Exchange account. NPS scores are also collected from requesters, which show up on your Storefront under Ratings.

Ask your customers to endorse you:

Let your network know that you are verified provider and would like their endorsement by announcing the news on LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

Suggested Post (Download accompanying image shown below): Proud to announce that we are now a verified provider on @Science Exchange, the platform for outsourced R&D. Visit our profile to request a quote now. If you are a current customer, please leave us an endorsement! The contracts are already in place if you request on Science Exchange, and you can begin working with us immediately [URL for provider profile].

New Provider Endorse Us Badge 2019


To learn more, please see our blog post: How does Science Exchange rank service providers?