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Podcast: Building Technology Ecosystems for R&D

Nolan McDonnell, Science Exchange’s VP of Product, recently joined Ronen Vengosh, VP for Platform and Ecosystem at Egnyte to discuss the increasingly intertwined relationship between product development and partnerships/alliances. The Science Exchange + Egnyte integration enables life sciences organizations, including biotech and pharma companies, capture and store all interactions with CROs and CMOs on Science Exchange.

Listen to the podcast:

In the podcast, McDonnell also discusses best practices in developing technology partnerships and how to define a “partnership MVP.”  He describes some of the emerging data management needs associated with the shift in life sciences R&D from a centralized to a distributed model, and uses the example of the Science Exchange + JAGGAER partnership to illustrate how alliances can help solve challenges faced by life science customers.

Nolan McDonnell, VP, Product, Science Exchange
Ronen Vengosh, Egnyte
Ronen Vengosh, VP, Platform & Ecosystem, Egnyte

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