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How to use Workspaces [ENTERPRISE ONLY*]

Refer to this article if the Enterprise Administrator for your organization’s Science Exchange marketplace has assigned you to a workspace. Your organization is using Science Exchange’s Workspace solution to easily segment groups of users into smaller, manageable, functions. 

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How to determine if you have access to Workspaces and find your assigned role in the Workspace(s). 

  1. From your Science Exchange dashboard, click the Workspace switcher icon in the top left corner.

2. This will open a pane showing the workspace(s) to which you have access. 

a. If you see a “Settings” icon next to the name of the workspace(s) in this pane (red box in screenshot below), then you are a Workspace Manager. You can: 

1) Click this Settings icon to edit the workspace settings.

2) Click the name of the workspace to view the Requests and Orders associated with the workspace. Read about other actions you can take as a Workspace Manager.

Workspace settings icon

2. If you see only the name of the workspace, then your role is “Workspace Member.” You can click the name of the workspace to view your Requests and Orders associated with the workspace. Read about other actions you can take as a Workspace Member.

Workspace pane Member view

What actions can Workspace Managers take in a Workspace?

  1. Click the Workspace Settings icon (described above) to edit the workspace details or workspace members. As shown in the screenshot below, you can (1) add members, (2) change the role of a member to “Manager” or vice versa, and (3) remove a member from the workspace.

2. Click the “Requests & Orders” tab of the workspace to view all open requests and orders associated with the workspace (see screenshot below). The projects will have various owners, but as Workspace Manager, you may take action as needed on any of these requests or orders. For example, you may: 

a. Send a request to additional providers

b. Accept a quote and place an order

c. Communicate with Providers on an order timeline

d. Support the requester who owns the order by obtaining a PO through your organization’s processes

What actions can Workspace Members take in a Workspace?

  1. As a Workspace Member, you can click the name of a workspace in the workspace switcher pane (described above) to view all your requests and orders associated with this workspace, as shown in the screenshot.

This view helps you see all related projects and take action as needed. 

2. You can click the “+” sign or perform a search to start a new request for quotes, and this request will automatically be associated with the workspace in which it was created.

3. If you start a request outside of a workspace (for example, from your general Science Exchange dashboard), you will have the option to assign the request to a particular workspace by selecting it from a drop-down menu on the ‘Start a Request’ form.

*Science Exchange’s Workspaces solution is available to organizations who have implemented the Science Exchange Enterprise Platform. Contact us if your team would like a quick demo of these Enterprise features and more.