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Tips on using Science Exchange for R&D services.

Improve speed and focus: new Order page layout

We’ve improved our order management experience so that requesters can progress quickly from Request to Order Completion and make decisions cleanly and efficiently.

Changes to the Order page will help you

  • Improve communication in all directions. Using new tools on the Order page, you can easily collaborate within your team, message the provider, or contact Science Exchange.  
  • Streamline order management. The increased clarity with which information is presented on the Order page will allow you to make faster, better decisions through Science Exchange.
  • Quickly access support. The new Order Page will provide intuitive access to our support team and relevant Help Center articles.

What’s new:

  1. New tab layout allows for easy access to all of the critical information related to an order. Tabs include the order timeline, order details, attachments, and your original request. 
  2. Order status information, including milestones and payments, are provided in a succinct Order Summary.  
  3. Quickly access your purchase order information on the corresponding order page on Science Exchange as follows:

    • Find the PO name/number prominently shown in the “Order Summary” sidebar as shown below. 
    • If multiple POs are applied to a given order, they will all be listed together.
    • If there are multiple versions of a single PO, the most recent version will be shown.

4. Private conversations between requesters and collaborators in the same organization have their own tab and are now clearly separated from support requests. 

4. A new Support Modal allows for quick and intuitive access to our support team. In addition, it provides easy access to relevant help center articles. 

Support modal