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Tips on using Science Exchange for R&D services.

Requester: How to use a blanket purchase order

HELP FOR REQUESTERS How to use a Blanket Purchase Order (BPO) Your dashboard shows all blanket purchase orders (BPOs) that are available to you with the current available balance. Once you have received a Quote that you are interested in moving forward, use the following steps to place the Order using a BPO: Navigate to […]

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Requesters: How do I place a repeat order?

HELP FOR REQUESTERS Place a repeat order To place a repeat order, find the initial order in your Requests & Orders tab on your Dashboard. The search field allows you to find a specific Order number, Provider or Service among your previous Orders.  Click into the Order that you would like to repeat. 3. Click […]

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Requester: How can I place an order?

HELP FOR REQUESTERS Review Quotes and place an Order From your Requests & Orders tab, you can search for all Requests with quotes that are “Pending Decision”. Select a Request. Quickly compare quotes from providers you’ve invited to bid on your request. You can review “Quote Details” directly or view the quote by selecting “Go […]

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Requester: How can I make a payment?

HELP FOR REQUESTERS How and when to submit Payments Payment Methods Science Exchange accepts the following methods of payment: Mailed check Please make the check payable to Science Exchange, Inc. and reference your order number in the note. Send the check to Science Exchange, Inc., at 555 Bryant St. #939, Palo Alto, CA 94301, USA. […]

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Requester: How can I cancel my order?

HELP FOR REQUESTERS Withdraw a request or cancel an order To withdraw a Request before a quote has been accepted, click the 3 dots next to Support in the top right corner of the Request page. Select “Withdraw Request.” All of the conversations with Providers related to the Request will be closed and the Request […]

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