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Tips on using Science Exchange for R&D services.

How to use a Blanket Purchase Order (BPO)

Your dashboard shows all blanket purchase orders (BPOs) that are available to you with the current available balance.

BPO info on dashboard

Once you have received a Quote that you are interested in moving forward, use the following steps to place the Order using a BPO:

  1. Navigate to the Provider discussion page and click the “Review Quote” button.

2. Select “Choose this Quote” button.

3. Select “Blanket Purchase Order” as your Payment Method from the drop-down.

4. Find the BPO you would like to use for this Order from the drop-down or by searching for the BPO name or number.

Once you have selected the BPO you would like to use, click the “Select BPO” button to place your order

Your Order will immediately progress to In Progress and the Provider will be notified that they can begin work. If your organization has Approval requirements, those approvers will be notified before the Order progresses to In Progress.