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Happy Holidays from the Science Exchange Founders

Here we are, the final week of 2020. There is no questioning that this year has been an extraordinarily difficult year. The COVID-19 pandemic caused unparalleled hardships for just about everyone, preventing us from enjoying even the most simple of pleasures like spending time with our families and loved ones. 

But with all the hardships that we saw this year, we also witnessed some incredible things happen here at Science Exchange. When we look back over the last 12 months we have decided to focus on the things we were most inspired by. We are blown away by the resilience and strength that we have seen in our colleagues, our customers, and our partners throughout this year. 

Here are just a handful of highlights that truly inspired us and kept us moving forward:

  • Our team’s remarkable achievements: It all starts and ends with our people.  Our incredible teams across all functions of the company have demonstrated immense strength this year – flipping around the narrative and turning 2020 into what is now the best year yet for Science Exchange. They have done this with care for one another, with hard work and with outstanding execution. We are immensely proud of our colleagues, their loyalty to our mission, and their achievements.


  • Running the extra mile with our COVID-19 response: As soon as the world went into the first lockdown, we understood that Science Exchange is in a unique position to help enable R&D continuity as Biotechs and Biopharma organizations started to shut down in-house operations. As a SaaS enabled Marketplace that connects researchers to thousands of service providers under a single contract, Science Exchange was quickly adopted as a technology tool for researchers to outsource experiments while working from home. We partnered up with Biocentury to release a survey highlighting the impact of the shutdown on CRO’s and other research providers. This initiative was quickly utilized by our clients, helping them find alternative CROs if their go-to CRO was affected, further ensuring their research programs remained on track.


  • Launching new products that our customers love: There is no question that our main reason for being is to help researchers eliminate bottlenecks from their research workflows, and accelerate breakthrough discovery. This is embedded in our mission, our culture, and is the primary driver of our product development. This year our product and engineering teams released exciting new features such as Workspaces – a tool to help research teams collaborate on their outsourced programs – as well as a new User Experience for requesters, and tools that improve the experience of service providers. While we have a lot more work to do, its comments like these from our customers that keep us reaching for greater heights:

                                                                             “This is going to be game changing for our researchers”
                                                                                                          – Head of R&D, Biotech

          “We are really excited to launch with Science Exchange. We need you now more than ever since many of our scientists are working from home.”
                                                                                                 – Sr. Scientist, Top 50 Biopharma


  • Unlocking outstanding commercial growth: Our commercial team grew revenue exponentially in 2020, beating targets quarter over quarter. We welcomed dozens of new customers across Biopharma, Biotech, and Consumer Health industries, spanning three continents. We also signed deals with several top 50 pharmaceutical companies, launched new partnerships, and have added hundreds of new providers to our network spanning early to late stage research categories (now more than 3,400 global providers!). It’s incredible to witness where we are today compared to when we started the company. It’s now more clear than ever that the industry has caught up with its need to improve research productivity, and that Science Exchange is a perfect catalyst. We can’t wait to show you what kind of growth is in store for 2021.


  • Receiving strong industry recognition: Even though we remained working remotely, this year was very busy with digital events, with Science Exchange receiving strong industry recognition. We are proud to have been nominated as a Finalist at the World Procurement Awards in the Best Procurement Technology Category, alongside other incredible companies such as GEP, SourceDay, Scoutbee and many others. We were also proud to have participated in the WORLD CRISPR DAY, as well as our recent presentation at the 32nd Annual Piper Sandler Healthcare Conference. In the midst of it all we also found time to take a break and share a glass of wine with R&D Leaders who made our digital networking event series that we launched this year extra special.


While we are incredibly proud of the company’s performance this year, we are most proud of how our teams rose to the challenge and made it happen.

Thank you to our amazing and loyal colleagues, our customers, partners, investors and everyone else involved in helping achieve our mission of improving the quality and efficiency of scientific research.

We wish you a warm, safe and healthy holiday!

– Elizabeth & Dan
   Founders, Science Exchange


Elizabeth Iorns

CEO and Co-Founder

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