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Syngene Accelerates Therapeutic Discovery with Target Focused-Modality Agnostic Approach and Deep Expertise Across Specialty Platforms (PROTACs, Conjugates, T-Cell, Gene Therapy)

The Science Exchange award-winning marketplace accelerates time to market by providing our customers’ research teams a one-stop shop to source, order, manage, and pay for R&D services. We are thrilled that Syngene is a part of the Science Exchange Contracted™ network of 3,300+ CROs, CMOs, and academic labs offering their services to help research organizations accelerate drug discoveries and innovation.

Today we have the privilege to hear from our guest:
Kenneth Barr
Senior Vice President
Discovery Services


Tell us about Syngene

Syngene has been in business for 27 years. We started as a chemical synthesis contract research organization (CRO) and over time have expanded to the point where you’ll find all of the capabilities you’d expect to find at any major pharma company.  We have about 6,000 employees; more than 4,000 of which are scientists and we cover the full span from early drug discovery through late-stage clinical studies and into manufacturing.

We are a global CRO, with most of our client base in the United States and Europe, although we do have some clients here in India, as well as in Japan and in Australia.  As a CRO that works in the regulated space, quality and intellectual property (IP) are very important to us. We’ve been accredited by all the major organizations and are regularly audited, both by those organizations and also by our client base, and the IP that we generate is always assigned back to our clients.

What sets Syngene apart from other CROs?

As I mentioned, Syngene spans the range from the earliest parts of drug discovery, including target identification and validation, through hit identification, lead optimization, and translational sciences, to candidate selection, preclinical evaluation, including safety assessment, and then can take both drug substance and drug product forward into the clinic, covering all the way through to manufacturing and commercialization on the other side.

In addition, Syngene works across multiple modalities. We work with small molecules and antibodies, as well as some of the specialty platforms, such as conjugates, PROTACs, T-cell, and gene therapy.

One area we are especially excited about is targeted protein degradation, which is emerging as a transformative new therapeutic modality. We started in this area just a few years ago in 2017 with a small pilot study for a biotech company. And now, we have over 200 scientists that are dedicated to working in this space with multiple clients in multiple therapeutic areas. We’ve achieved amazing advances with some of our key clients, including the ability to develop orally available PROTACs, which is quite nice given the size of the molecules.

How does Science Exchange help drive your business?

Science Exchange enhances the way we work with new and existing customers by digitally transforming how we market and sell to them.   We have access to hundreds of biopharma and biotech customers under a single contract and can communicate directly with their researchers. Having an automated platform integrated into our customers’ procurement systems streamlines the entire market-to-cash cycle–we no longer have to deal with manual purchase orders, approvals, or payments–it’s a win for all of us.  

Customer relationships are important to us at Syngene. We are not only innovators, but we like to be collaborative partners as well. If you don’t already work with Syngene today, we’d certainly love to have you look for us in the Science Exchange Marketplace.  


Tzlil Hadass

VP, Head of BD & Customer Operations, Science Exchange

Tzlil leads Science Exchange’s Business Development and Sales Operations teams. In his role, he is responsible for delivering on the organization’s B2B Enterprise Marketplace commercial goals as well as overseeing the full lifecycle of sales pipeline management, account acquisition, book of business growth, and account management. Tzlil has over 8 years of experience holding various commercial roles within the Biotech and Life Sciences arenas, overseeing large scale contracts in both domestic and international markets. He received his degree from Cornell University where he spent his time studying Molecular Biology.

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