On-demand Webinar: Informatics for Biologists

Put Your Genomics Data to Work — No Bioinformatics Skills Needed Are complex data analyses delaying YOUR valuable and critical results from being put to action? Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how the Rosalind™ platform empowers you to analyze your own data, more quickly and cost-effectively — even for the most complex studies. You’ll hear from bioinformatics […]

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Bioinformatics Solutions, Inc. Chooses Science Exchange as the Primary Online Channel to Offer Protein de novo Sequencing Services to Scientists


PALO ALTO, CA, December 11, 2017 – Science Exchange, the world’s leading and most secure enterprise platform for outsourced research and development (R&D) services, announced the partnership with Bioinformatics Solutions, Inc. to offer online access to its protein de novo sequencing services to scientists around the globe. As the creators of the well-known, highly established […]

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Guest post: The rise of contractual conservatism – will it subvert sharing of scientific resources?


This is a guest post by Stephen Byers, Director of the Lombardi Shared Resources at the Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center, Georgetown University (full bio below).  As director of shared resources at Georgetown University’s Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center and as Director of the Translation Technologies component of the Georgetown/Howard Univerity CTSA, my goal is to provide our […]

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