The Robotic Cloud Laboratory for the Life Sciences: Transcriptic

By Natalie Foote, Director of Service Provider Operations, Science Exchange | In this Provider Innovation Profile, we’re proud to feature Transcriptic, whose automated cellular and molecular biology platform enables scalable life science research with flexibility and precision. Automation is a rapidly advancing area of biotechnology, and Science Exchange hopes to give our researchers access […]

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New on Science Exchange: Nobel-worthy Nanosensors, MacroDSF, Fluidigm, and More


Nobel-worthy nanosensors In 2007, Charles Lieber, the Harvard scientist who many say is in the running for a Nobel prize, co-founded Vista NanoBioSciences to enable drug discovery researchers to use his team’s nanosensor technologies for label-free, ultrasensitive detection of proteins, nucleic acids, and even single viral particles. Now available through Science Exchange, Vista NanoBioSciences offers […]

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