The CDNR Platform – Progressing the Promise of Personalized Medicine

CDNR Novaseek Research Science Exchange

Most everyone knows that precision medicine promises to transform the healthcare landscape, delivering powerful and personalized treatments for previously intractable diseases. Even so, biotech innovators still face tremendous hurdles in realizing this promise — chief among them, finding access to sufficient numbers of annotated, characterized and consented patient samples. Novaseek Research has developed a unique […]

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Small Biotech Stories: American CryoStem

Some companies skirt regulations, opting instead to go off the radar. American CryoStem‘s Anthony Dudzinski‘s first words to me on the phone during our discussion were, “We follow the rules.” They’ve accumulated the greatest depth of adipose tissue-based cellular technology research relative to creating their laboratory and processes at a clinical cGMP level, and they’ve […]

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