Guest post: Cut Your Lab Spending in Half

April 30, 2012 | Posted by Guest in Outsourcing Trends |

This is a guest post by Sean Seaver, the founder of (full bio below).

Small suppliers of chemical and laboratory reagents are known to provide quality products at significantly reduced costs. And yet, large distributors such as  Sigma and Fisher often crowd out smaller entities, making it difficult for laboratories to find or access cheaper supplies.

Compounding matters is the difficulty small suppliers face in reaching customers. Small suppliers don’t have access to a large sales force, and can’t afford the standard costs associated with roadshows or conferences. They often lack the resources to build an online presence, either in-house or contracted, limiting the availability of online catalogs or pricing information, and making it difficult for scientists to see the benefits of their services.

Recognizing these factors, we’ve worked at P212121 to help bring greater transparency to the small chemical supplier market. The P212121 platform helps bring small suppliers and their pricing catalogs online, helping scientists save time and money.

Resultant savings have already been significant, especially in comparison to Sigma, Fisher, and other large distributors:

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