The CDNR Platform – Progressing the Promise of Personalized Medicine

CDNR Novaseek Research Science Exchange

Most everyone knows that precision medicine promises to transform the healthcare landscape, delivering powerful and personalized treatments for previously intractable diseases. Even so, biotech innovators still face tremendous hurdles in realizing this promise — chief among them, finding access to sufficient numbers of annotated, characterized and consented patient samples. Novaseek Research has developed a unique […]

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Webinar: PEAKS AB, The Fastest Path to Accurate Antibody Sequences

PEAKS AB: The Fastest Path to Accurate Antibody Sequences What challenges do you face in characterizing monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) at the molecular level? Whether it’s heterogeneity caused by truncation or glycation, or confounding isobaric amino acids, you’ve wished there was a better way. Watch our webinar to learn about a novel, three-in-one solution for obtaining […]

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Take 5 – The Future of Now — How the Science of Today Shapes Tomorrow

Scientific research is advancing without pause; innovations are emerging at a breathtaking rate all over the world through the endeavors of diverse scientific disciplines. The future of scientific research is set on an unpredictable course teeming with both excitement and unease — whether AI-enabled tools will reshape drug discovery or if “patient-on-a-chip” technology will let […]

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New Providers on Science Exchange: Predictive Models and Analytical Tools for Translational Research


If you aren’t exploring the latest cell culture models of human tissue for nonclinical and preclinical testing, you should be. That’s the bottom line of today’s Science Exchange service provider roundup — three of the five newest service providers on our platform are experts in developing predictive models. Advances in predictive model systems Axiogenesis, based […]

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Trinity Bioactives – Measuring Bioactivity in Everything


We’re pretty sure we can measure the bioactivity of almost anything. ‘Bioactive’ is one of those tricky terms… it can mean many things to many people. Trinity Bioactive’s definition of it is a compound that does something to living tissue. Trinity’s expertise is to prove that products such as skin cream, honey-based products, green-lipped mussel […]

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Mass Spec: Shedding Light on Cancer Biomarkers with Century-Old Technology


Imagine telling the inventor of the radio that the technology he discovered was now found in almost every kitchen in America, and that you used it to make your popcorn last night. He’d probably be surprised, and maybe you are, too.  Sound far-fetched? Many aspects of modern life rely on technology that was first identified […]

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New Feature: Facility & Project Metrics


Scientists, among most other professions, know that reputation is the key to a sustainable career. Every time you publish your latest research, you’re putting your life’s work out in the world for public consumption. Similarly, every time you order or perform an experimental service on Science Exchange, you are putting your name out there and […]

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Science Exchange Provider Profile: Tamas Nagy from the Comparative Pathology Lab


For this week’s provider profile we caught up with Dr. Tamas Nagy, the Director of the Comparative Pathology Laboratory. Read all about his unique path to veterinary pathology, and that one time he did histopathology on an amorphous material found on a commercial refrigeration line. […]

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ACGT – Clinical Applications for Next Generation Sequencing


This is a guest post by David Cook, Legal Counsel at ACGT, Inc. Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) holds the exciting promise of a real world integration of genomics into medicine.  While the use of this technology in clinical applications is at a nascent stage, DNA sequencing providers have been adapting their NGS services to meet […]

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Crowdsourcing Human Microbiome Research


This is a guest post from Jessica Richman, co-founder of uBiome and a PhD scholar at Oxford University Amidst the current focus on genomic testing, there is a new field emerging with a different approach to metagenomics: direct-to-consumer sequencing of the microbiome. The microbiome are the bacteria that live on and within us; all of […]

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