How Can My Lab Make More Money?


Some of the Science Exchange team recently went to AAAS – the American Association for the Advancement of Science. While there, I went to several sessions that talked about the composition of research teams and the dedication they have to have applying for grant after grant, and often times not hearing back for months at a […]

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Should Applied Funding Go To Academia Or Startups?


There has recently been a subtle, but important, shift in the focus of government support for scientific research. With NIH funding capped at 2012 fiscal levels, government programs have shifted support to applied & translational research, rather than traditional R&D platforms. The new “Big Data R&D Initiative”, for instance, will put $200 million into commitments […]

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Crowdfunding as the future of science funding?


Academic labs face increasingly tight budgets within a down economy.  Myself being an open notebook scientist at the University of New Mexico, funding has been particularly difficult to come by, without much support from larger grants or agencies. Searching for alternatives, I have increasingly turned to online platforms for raising support and engagement for my […]

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